Adventures in Aalnd - D&D 5e

Let's Go See the Dragon

The adventure opened with the party surveying the aftermath of their encounter with the bandits garrisoned in Ansterfield. Su’raj and Zarron questioned the two survivors who claimed to be simple trappers conscripted into the bandits’ cause. They were sympathetic to the story and the two bandits were allowed to run off into the night.

The party also found some of the people the bandits had been forcing into servitude while they had been occupying the town. A new member joined the group, a local of the region, the fighter, Donovan. He’d seen the party’s heroics from a distance and finally decided to rise to the challenge and see what fate has in store for him.

After a night of rest and some deliberation, the group decided to head into the forest to consult with the dragon Sinmula Ran. However, the woods proved dangerous and an attack from a pack of wild ambush hounds slowed travel somewhat. Luckily, the hounds were dispatched and their rookie fighter still breathed.

XP: 11x Ambush Hounds and 1x Pack Leader 3300 divided by 4. 825 per person.

Clearing the Ansterfield Inn

The game opened with Zerron trapped in a dark cell in a ruined castle with a hunchbacked gaoler watching over him. He quickly escaped the cell using his new shadow walking abilities and was able to kill the guard, steal his clothes, and walk out of the castle under disguise.

Back at the sunken tower, the party dealt with their wounds and their newest rescue, a meurish girl from Kolido named Mara. Already familiar with the girl’s mother, the party decided to take her with them on their return trip to Borodo. As they traveled back, it quickly became apparent that Mara has a will to learn magic as well as a knack for causing catastrophes. After some quick tips from the warlock and the sorcerer, the girl made her first attempts at spellcasting and nearly killed herself by the second try. Miraculously, the party managed to get her back to the fort town of Borodo in one piece.

In town, the party met with the General Xaenes who was visiting to oversee the integration between his soldiers and the townsfolk. He congratulated the party on successfully meddling in the demon’s plan and advised them to stay the course when it came to routing the bandits at the edge of the woods. He also noted the addition of a Cyrdian noble to the party as he’ll need support from the remnants of the noble houses if he ever means to right the kingdom.

Later, the party was well greeted at the alchemists shop and they were able to learn from Gondolin that their magic swords used to belong to the Order of the Radiant Sun, the old meurish paladins who led the war against the demons and their hordes in times long past. Mysteriously, he noted that the broken blade was listed as being destroyed by the Order itself and was oddly kept along with the rest of Kara’Dar’s possessions.

Unbeknownst to Riswyn and Wulthar, the adventuring party has a ritual of mourning for fallen comrades. During the two days of drinking and gambling, Su’raj gained the fleeting affections of the girl, Mara, but she was quickly stolen away by Ronimus’s promises of power . Not everyone faired as badly; both Riswyn and Wulthar were able to win small fortunes gambling as well as the respect of the carousers in Borodo.

An uneventful few days of travel had them staring into Ansterfield once more from the cover of the trees. The party took a day surveying and scavenging as they prepared a plan. After accidentally finding a deadly mushroom leaking a poisonous, delicious, red sludge, they had the final piece of the puzzle.

All throughout the Ansterfield Inn, bandits laughed and drank and ate pies cooked through slave labor. A strange smell began to fill the air, and five minutes later, all the bandits were dead without even hearing a knock at the door.

XP: 14700 divided by three (4900 per person).

Demon Fighting

As the party surveyed Ansterfield, the sorcerer Ronimus teleported in to warn them of the impending completion of a ritual being performed by Kara’Dar in a ruin nearby. They decided to trust the sorcerer and set off in search of their demonic nemesis.

With the ruined tower in sight, the party came upon a squad of bandits returning to camp with plunder and they were destroyed. A shadow hound guarded the entrance, but it was distracted by a talking raven and the party was able to sneak over to the half-buried structure.

The ruined tower had a hole freshly smashed in its side and an enchanted rope protected against unsavy climbers intruding. At the bottom of the tower, the party ran into another squad of shrunken pigmy soldiers and they were quietly cut down amidst the ominous sound of chanting.

A heavy set of double stone doors covered with defaced carvings covered the altar room and they had to be pried open. The demon, Kara’Dar awaited them inside, deeply focused on the ritual that would allow her to regain much of her lost power through the sacrifice of a meurish farm girl her bandits had kidnapped. She was guarded by her own animated shadow as well as another of her faithful shadow hounds. She summoned a pair of giant spiders halfway through the fight in a response to having her ritual foiled by the warlock’s stupidity spell.

The spiders ensnared the warlock while Kara battled with Riswyn. At the end of the pitched fight, the demon cast a spell that teleported her and an unconscious Zerron away.

XP: 1,400 (Shadow Hound), 2,200 (Kara’s Shadow), 7,800 (Kara’Dar)
Total: 11,400 divided by party members -1

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