Adventures in Aalnd - D&D 5e

Let's Go See the Dragon

The adventure opened with the party surveying the aftermath of their encounter with the bandits garrisoned in Ansterfield. Su’raj and Zarron questioned the two survivors who claimed to be simple trappers conscripted into the bandits’ cause. They were sympathetic to the story and the two bandits were allowed to run off into the night.

The party also found some of the people the bandits had been forcing into servitude while they had been occupying the town. A new member joined the group, a local of the region, the fighter, Donovan. He’d seen the party’s heroics from a distance and finally decided to rise to the challenge and see what fate has in store for him.

After a night of rest and some deliberation, the group decided to head into the forest to consult with the dragon Sinmula Ran. However, the woods proved dangerous and an attack from a pack of wild ambush hounds slowed travel somewhat. Luckily, the hounds were dispatched and their rookie fighter still breathed.

XP: 11x Ambush Hounds and 1x Pack Leader 3300 divided by 4. 825 per person.



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