Elemental Monk


A slight of stature half-elf, Valosanthren is wrapped head to toe in white bandages to cover his flame-scarred body. Over his bandages he wears simply robes, and the only color in his visage is his green eyes.


He grew up in an small village under a different name, a mixed blood that few wanted around. Drawn by the adventure of the traveling life, he left home as soon as he could to pursue his own personal freedom and in a few years found himself working as a mercenary specializing in infiltration and investigation. He would take almost any job, and rarely considered the consequences for anyone other than himself.

He enjoyed the thrill of it, until the job that changed his life forever. Hired to infiltrate and learn all he could about a mercenary outfit ravaging the countryside, he spent weeks to get invited into the camp and become one of them. He followed in their pillaging, searching for clues.

One moonlit night, he used the cover of the debauchery from seizing another village to sneak into the commander’s tent. He was swiftly caught, as he had tripped powerful magic warnings, and was dragged before the commander.

The tent was a trap to capture the unknown spy in their midst. The verdict was brutal and swift. The commander summoned a fiendish fire and sent a burning plume to wrack the interloper’s body. As he burned alive, he remembers hearing his screams mixing with the laughter of the group. He stumbled to the nearby cliff and threw himself over it to find sweet release. His body hit the water of the lake after the hundred-foot fall and most of his bones were broken, though the fire was mercifully out so was he.

He dreamed fever dreams for weeks, and eventually woke in the Hall of the Furious Heart. The monks had seen his fiery descent, fished his broken body from the lake and miraculously were able to save his life. It had taken the combined medical knowledge and ki of the order for three months to sustain him until he could begin the arduous process of healing himself.

He was struck by the sacrifice and devotion of the monks, and as he lay recuperating, he reflected on his wasted youth, now trapped in a fire-scarred body. The next years were hard, as he fought to regain control of his body and his spirit seethed with anger and revelation. He trained for 7 years to get his body back to his fine fighting form, to rededicate his life to the pursuit of justice nd protecting others. When he finally felt ready, he approached his brothers to take the path of Kindness and Courage.

Though he can never speak of the trials, his success was crowned with a new name, Valosanthren meaning “Flamebound” and he was sent to begin his Righteous March, the fifty year journey of justice. He collected the few items he had acquired and set out on the road, looking for those who would need his aid.

Shortly after setting out, Valosanthren was abducted and brought to the Fortress of Keldhum. Joining forces with Eamon, Terios, Jarrus and Farwyn, the intrepid group escaped their unknown captors and made their way to Borodo. After befriending the townsfolk, the group agreed to investigate the bandits in the area. While exploring the surrounding countryside the group was set upon by a vicious Cyclops. In a costly battle the group emerged victorious, but Valosanthren gave his life distracting the foul beast.


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