Wulthar Hightower

Myles' second player character (RIP Eamon)


As the third-born and youngest son of Boros Hightower, Wulthar never stood to inherit titles or land. That duty had originally fallen to eldest son Oren. But where Oren had been a proud and true soldier, that was not exactly what House Hightower needed. In fact, when Oren fell on the battlefield in an early battle with the demon forces, it could have been a long-term blessing for the house. For whatever second son Alaric lacked in physical strength, he compensated with wisom, political acuity, and a steady, rational hand.

Soon after Oren died, Wulthar found himself mourning his father as well. And while Wulthar had always understood that his role was to guard over his brothers, he recognized that this job was now important than ever, as Alaric would need his protection far more than Oren would have.

And so, at age twenty-five, Wulthar ventured forth from Cyrdellum. With much of the Hightower army fallen in battle alongside Oren, it was up to Wulthar to replenish their ranks. And while he was not yet battle-tested, a lifetime of training had hopefully made him capable of undertaking this task. While Wulthar was certainly not the fighter that Oren had been, he was plenty capable in his own right, and furthermore he had the gift of magic to aid him.

When Wulthar departed from Cyrdellum, he rode a great distance to find willing conscripts. Hoping to find young fighters eager to enjoy the relatively easy life in Cyrdellum, he instead found lands increasingly plagued with bandits and other, darker things. He had little luck in his recruiting efforts, and when he finally did return to Cyrdellum, he heard only the worst of news from fellow travelers. He rushed back to his home city, only to find that it had been overrun with the same bandit and demon scourge that had ravaged the surrounding lands. Luckily, he was able to locate Alaric, who informed him that, while he and some of their soldiers and servants still lived, the estate had been overrun. While Alaric is pledged to regrowing and strengthening House Hightower, he envisions a different role for Wulthar.

Wulthar’s new task is a simple one: do whatever he must to defeat the scourge and restore order to Cyrdellum. While he remains hesitant to leave Alaric, his brother has assured him that he is in capable hands. It is far more important, he believes, that Wulthar play a role in the oncoming war. Only in this way can the Hightowers fulfill their obligation to fight for their lands and people.

With all of House Hightower’s forces tied up in Alaric’s plans, Wulthar has set forth on a journey that has recently brought him to Bannon’s Glade, seeking like-minded adventurers who will help to end the bandit and demon threats. Eventually he plans to reunite with his brother and help to rebuilt their house, but only once Cyrdellum has been reclaimed.

Wulthar Hightower

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