Adventures in Aalnd - D&D 5e

Demon Fighting

As the party surveyed Ansterfield, the sorcerer Ronimus teleported in to warn them of the impending completion of a ritual being performed by Kara’Dar in a ruin nearby. They decided to trust the sorcerer and set off in search of their demonic nemesis.

With the ruined tower in sight, the party came upon a squad of bandits returning to camp with plunder and they were destroyed. A shadow hound guarded the entrance, but it was distracted by a talking raven and the party was able to sneak over to the half-buried structure.

The ruined tower had a hole freshly smashed in its side and an enchanted rope protected against unsavy climbers intruding. At the bottom of the tower, the party ran into another squad of shrunken pigmy soldiers and they were quietly cut down amidst the ominous sound of chanting.

A heavy set of double stone doors covered with defaced carvings covered the altar room and they had to be pried open. The demon, Kara’Dar awaited them inside, deeply focused on the ritual that would allow her to regain much of her lost power through the sacrifice of a meurish farm girl her bandits had kidnapped. She was guarded by her own animated shadow as well as another of her faithful shadow hounds. She summoned a pair of giant spiders halfway through the fight in a response to having her ritual foiled by the warlock’s stupidity spell.

The spiders ensnared the warlock while Kara battled with Riswyn. At the end of the pitched fight, the demon cast a spell that teleported her and an unconscious Zerron away.

XP: 1,400 (Shadow Hound), 2,200 (Kara’s Shadow), 7,800 (Kara’Dar)
Total: 11,400 divided by party members -1



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