Alaster Hightower

Human fighter / rogue, half-brother of Wulthar


Born a bastard to a servant in House Hightower, Alaster was orphaned at a young age and raised by his uncle Josef, who was an accomplished tracker, hunter and marksman on the outskirts of Coleridge (a village near Cyrdellum under Hightower protection). When he was fourteen, Boros Hightower came to Coleridge seeking soldiers to bolster his ranks, and Josef volunteered to join as a scout on two conditions: that he be allowed to take Alaster as a formal apprentice, and that Boros acknowledge Alaster as his bastard son.

Boros, seeing Alaster’s striking resemblence to his own son Oren, agreed to the first condition, but would not commit to the second. Josef and Alaster became members of the Hightower household, where Josef eventually became head of the family’s personal guard, and Alaster continued to be raised alongside his half-brothers and as Josef’s ward. While Oren was initially wary of his presence, Alaric and Wulthar took more readily to him, and Wulthar in particular quickly became a close friend who regarded Alaster as another elder brother.

As Wulthar’s studies and training increasingly focused in the martial disciplines, he and Oren both found themselves spending a great deal of their time in Alaster and Josef’s company. This further cemented their bond, to to the point that they came to regard Josef as something of an uncle, and even Oren came to regard Alaster as a brother. During this time period, after a decade of service, Boros also acknowledged Alaster as his bastard son.

When the demonic incursion was first reported to Lord Boros, he sent the bulk of the Hightower forces, led by Oren, to meet the threat. This was the last time that either of them would see Boros, as he fell ill and died before they would have a chance to return. When the Hightower forces were obliterated on the battlefield, both Oren and Josef were killed. Seriously injured in the battle, Alaster nonetheless survived, and was able to make his way back to Cyrdellum to give Boros news of their defeat. With Boros already dead, he instead found himself delivering the news that Alaric was now the head of House Hightower, and Wulthar was now heir.

Alaster was left to recover from his wounds while Wulthar rode forth seeking new soldiers. When Cyrdellum was overrun, he helped guide Alaric to safety to establish the hideaway where Alaric currently resides.

By the time Alaster was fully recovered, Wulthar had already returned and set off again in his new journey to seek out and destroy Kara’Dar. But it has been months now since they’ve heard from Wulthar, who seemingly disappeared in the forests surrounding Bannon’s Glade. Alaric, worried for his younger brother’s safety, has sent Alaster to track him down, and to aid him if he is in danger. Fearing the worst and the possible extinction of the family line, Alaric has chose to legitimize Alaster as a Hightower, placing him third in the line of succession after Wulthar, and has given Oren’s signet ring to Alaster to prove his legitimacy.

Alaster tracked Wulthar to Bannon’s Glade, and then to Borodo and to General Xaenes’ encampment. When Xaenes explains that Wulthar was part of a party that ventured south, Alaster follows in that direction. He briefly stops in Borodo to see if the party has returned, where he encounters what is left of the party.

Upon learning that Wulthar has died, Alaster is devastated. Having trained alongside Wulthar for years, he is also suspicious of possible foul play. He agrees to hunt down Kara’Dar only because Wulthar had pledged to do so, and he views himself as a necessary stand-in to finish the job. While he is not very familiar with the ways of magic—that was Alaric and Wulthar’s domain—he now dwells on the possibility of bringing his youngest brother back. He wonders if that might be possible through the magic that inhabits Wulthar, and if he saw an opportunity to return him to life this would immediately become his top priority.

Alaster Hightower

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